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Nostalgic Candy That Brings Back Memories

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There are a lot of amazing things about the 1980s. For instance, there is The Breakfast Club, Journey, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, and Super Mario Brothers to name a few. But, let’s face it. The candy that was popular in the 80’s was undeniably fun. It may not have been delicious, but the most popular candies from this decade sure were fun to eat. As adults, we might cringe at the things our parents allowed us to enjoy. But, the memory of eating them is truly a treasure to behold.

Necco Candy Buttons 5 oz

Even though you were probably more likely to eat paper than sugar, the Necco Candy Buttons were a favorite among the youth of the 80’s. More of a novelty to eat, than a delicious treat to enjoy, these candies will surely bring a smile to any one’s face who remembers them. This classic sugar treat on a paper strip comes in three flavors and colors. Choose the dots you eat to create a fun pattern! Challenge your friends to recognize the message you’ve made from the candy dots left behind. This beloved 1980s candy treat is sure to bring memories back to you, your family, and your friends!

1980s Decade Candy Box

There’s no decade quite like the 1980s.  Do you know someone who just adores everything that made that decade what it was? Maybe they wish they were still living during that time of their lives. Well, give them the ultimate 1980s nostalgic ride back in time with the 1980s Decade Candy Box. This truly unique gift is a handpicked collection of sweet memories with the nostalgic candies anyone will remember from their childhood. Sure to be a hit, the 1980s Decade Candy Box is a fun alternative to a gift basket or a bouquet of flowers. Along with the wonderful candies of the 80s, this one of a kind gift also includes a complimentary “Back in the 1980’s” insert with many snippets that are sure to bring smiles and evoke memories of years past.

Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip 1.5 oz

Perfect for any sugar-aholic, these super fun treats are sure to be remembered with a hyperactive fondness. Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip is an active treat that is so fun to eat! Take the sugar stick and dip it into one of three flavors of sugar for a rush like none other. Carry it around with you in the convenient sugar pouch and just try to keep it all to yourself. This 1980s specialty could be found in any public pool snack bar, baseball game concession stand, or amusement park. It is certainly a staple of the decade and kids today still love dipping the stick into the sugar and letting their taste buds have a party!

Pop Rocks Watermelon 33 oz

Sometimes kids demand more than just a simple and delicious sugar snack. In the 1980s, Pop Rocks fulfilled the lack of excitement that was offered in the act of snacking!  These anxiety inducing candies were a huge hit amount the youth of the 1980s generation. They can shock and stimulate your mouth as tiny air pockets of carbonation are released when melted in your mouth and has a mild “crackling” sensation and “popping” noise. Perfect when you are looking for a change of candy pace, or to play a trick on your parents! Add them to a carbonated beverage, and you could explode the cap right off! Pop Rocks were a staple of the 1980s and will surely be looked back on with a fun, fond memory by anyone who has the pleasure of enjoying them.

Nik-L-Nip Original Wax Bottles 5 pack

What could be more satisfying as a child than candy that was just as fun to bite into as it was to actually drink the sugar out of? These wax bottles are a classic beloved candy! Little kids could feel like big giants when they held these tiny wax bottles in their hands. You don’t even need a bottle opener or any elbow grease to get these bottles open! Just bite the top off with your teeth, and drink the real fruit juice that is stored in the center. These 1980s treats are even fun to chew on after all the juice is gone. So, take a step back in time to the days when you wanted these wax bottles of sugary juice instead of a beer after a long summer day!  

Wak-O-Wax Fangs

Perfect for a laugh on any occasion, the Wak-O-Wax Fangs were a really fun party accessory in the 80s. Bring them back and you’ll be sure to get some nostalgic giggles! Try to resist chewing the yummy cherry wax while you hold these Fangs in your mouth and scare every last party guest. These fangs are sure to please the crowd!

Rebecca Wiska is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and food products including nostalgic candy.

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